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Additional Info

  • Name: HDR-XR550V
  • Code: SONY76JUG
  • Trademark: SONY
  • Price: 545,00€
  • Description: The HDR-XR550V represents the more significant upgrade, with many features that last year's XR500V lacked. Experienced videophiles will particularly appreciate the addition of an electronic viewfinder and manual shutter speed control (adjustable via the excellent cam control dial)—both new this year.
  • Features: The HDR-XR550V and HDR-CX550V will record high definition 1920 x 1080 videos using the AVCHD compression method. Both camcorders will record to at a maximum bitrate of 24Mbps. The XR550V records primarily to a 240GB built-in hard disc drive, while the CX550V features 64GB of internal flash memory. Both models will ship this spring.
  • Color: Red
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